Not changing your furnace filter can be a health hazard

One cannot imagine spending the cold winter days without the comfort of the house furnace. But how much attention do you pay to your furnace filters? It is very likely that many would have overlooked this simple task, though a simple task, this could affect the health of your family and can even cause death. So what do you need to know about maintaining your furnace filter?

The purpose of the furnace filters is to remove all the impurities in the air including dust and other debris such as pollen and pet dander to give you cleaner air in your home. With use, the filters become clogged with dirt from the air that passes through it. If the furnace filter is clogged it means the air going through it is not getting purified and there will be polluted air circulating in your house. This can result in the occupants being continuously sick and especially the ones who are prone to allergies such as asthma.

Prolonged neglect of a filter will result in cracks forming in the chamber which causes excessive amounts of Carbon Monoxide, the deadly gas being sent through the house which can cause headaches and nausea and in extreme cases the death of persons breathing it. Replacing your existing filter with Filtrete air filters will assure you that all the debris in the air will be purified before you breathe it.

A clogged furnace filter which has collected combustible material such as fibers and hair that can ignite due to heat from the furnace can cause a fire resulting in smoke circulating throughout the house, inhalation of which causes severe health problems and can result in death.
Using a 3M Filtrete air filter replacements at regular intervals will save you money as well since clogged air filters that restrict air flow which requires the furnace to work harder and therefore consume more energy which will give you higher bills to pay.

Maintaining your furnace filters not only gives you cleaner air to breath, it can save yourself and your loved ones from suffering serious health problems including death. Visit Your Filter Connection now to find out about the Filtrete air filters you can use to replace your existing one.

For best results it is best to use a good quality filter. There are several types to choose from including the 3M Filtrete air filter as well as electrostatic air filters, HEPA filters, activated carbon air filters available at Your Filter Connection.

Guest Post provided by Your Filter Connection Replacement Filtrete air filters can vastly improve the health of your family.

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