Keep your home warm with under floor heating

If high energy bills have been keeping you from turning on the heating, installing an under floor heating system will prevent you from having to spend another cold winter without making a huge dent in your pocket. If you are planning to install a new heating system a Radiant Floor Heat system will be a worthwhile investment to make.

Radiant floor heating involves the laying of electric heating coils directly under the flooring in your house which will warm the floor and the warmth arising from the floor will warm everything it touches thus maintaining a constant temperature throughout the room.

The heated floors will keep your feet constantly warm and this will make you feel a lot warmer and more comfortable than using a forced air system. In fact the occupants will feel warmer at a room temperature lower than what is required when using a forced air heating system.
The variation in temperature in a room with heated floors is lesser, which makes it more comfortable than with forced air heating where there is a considerable variation in heat at different levels.

It has been claimed by the US Department of Energy that radiant floor heat can reduce heating costs by 25-50%. It works most efficiently on ceramic or tile flooring as they transfer heat more efficiently, but works well on any other type of flooring including hardwood as well, therefore making it the ideal heating solution for the kitchen or bathroom.

There is less wastage of energy with a floor heating system compared to a forced air system which can have damaged or obstructed ducts which can cause warm air to leak, thus forcing the system to work more to maintain the required temperature, which means more energy is consumed.

An electric under floor heating system can be easily installed if done in a new house, but the existing floor will have to be taken off if installing in an old house. EZ Floor Heat has been installing floor heating systems for several years and can provide expert advice on how to install it in your home.
A floor heating system requires minimum maintenance and is long lasting with a guarantee to last 20 years.
Guest post provided by EZ Floor Heat: The cold winter months no longer have to be something to be endured, a radiant floor heat system will provide warmth and the luxury of stepping on to a warm floor in the morning without having to worry about the high energy costs. In fact the warm coziness it provides will make you wish for more cold weather.

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