Wicker Resin Furniture

Typically, when you think of wicker, you probably think of an “earthy” look. After all, wicker is made out of vines that grow in the rainforest, so it doesn’t get much more natural than that! While wicker resin furniture isn’t a completely natural substance, don’t discount it until you know exactly what it is – and how it can help you.

That traditional wicker dining set or those wicker end tables you have are made out of 100% wicker – without any kind of fillers. There may be wood inside to create a support frame, but, other than that, your furniture is completely natural. Wicker resin furniture is a little bit different – but that’s not a bad thing.

As the name suggests, wicker resin furniture is made out of a combination of wicker and resin. But why on earth would you want to add resin to wicker?

Because it’s the only way that you can have wicker outside!
Outdoor resin wicker furniture is specially-designed to hold its own against the elements. If you were to put a traditional wicker dining set on your patio, it wouldn’t take long for it to be destroyed by the sun, rain, and snow. But, because it isn’t 100% wicker, outdoor resin wicker furniture is strong enough to sit outside in the heat, get beaten down on by the sun, get pelted in the rain, and get covered by snow. In this case, the resin acts like a “shield” to protect your furniture from the elements.

But do you really need the resin? Can’t you just opt for rattan instead and be truly natural?

While rattan looks a little more durable than wicker, it is made of the same exact substance. The only difference between a rattan sofa and a wicker one is the weaving. With wicker, the vines are woven together; with rattan, they aren’t.

So, if you were to put a rattan sofa out on your patio, it wouldn’t last any longer than a wicker one. Without the resin, you don’t have any protection!

Aside from its durability, outdoor resin wicker furniture comes with another big benefit that traditional wicker doesn’t – its selection of colors. When you get traditional wicker, you are usually stuck with the traditional sandy color. But since resin can be made in virtually any shade, you can get wicker resin furniture in basically any color – from stark white to fire-engine red. That way, you can get outdoor resin wicker furniture that matches your plants or even the color of your house!

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