Wicker Patio Furniture Sets – 3 Benefits of Outdoor Wicker

Even though it’s something that you can see in the islands, you might be wondering how outdoor wicker can withstand the elements and sit outside all of the time. After all, wicker furniture is made out of woven vines and stems, so how can those wicker chairs or wicker sofa possibly be sturdy enough to be outside 24/7?
The makers of outdoor wicker have already thought of that!
Here are 3 benefits you get to take advantage of with outdoor wicker:

1.It will last for a long time

When you buy wicker patio furniture sets, you can count on them to last for years and years. In fact, wicker patio furniture sets will last longer than that metal patio furniture you see all over the place. That’s because outdoor wicker chairs will not rust like those metal chairs will.

Wicker patio furniture is even more durable than its plastic counterpart. If you leave your plastic patio chairs or tables out in the hot sun, you’ll start to notice that they’re fading, and they may even become porous instead of slick – making them a haven for dirt, mold, and bacteria. Wicker, however, won’t do any of that.

2.It is specially treated

As strong as it is, the makers of outdoor wicker know that they have to do something if they want their products to stand the test of time outside. That’s why they specially treat it to prevent sun and rain damage.

In fact, wicker manufacturers have even taken the treatment process one step further. The outdoor wicker you see isn’t actually pure wicker! It is a combination of wicker and some kind of synthetic material – typically vinyl or resin. That way, you get the look of genuine wicker, but the durability of synthetic materials.

3.It isn’t painted

Whether you buy wicker chairs or an outdoor wicker sofa, you can pick from a variety of colors. Whether you want bright white, sandy tan, something darker, or something brighter, wicker patio furniture sets come in a virtual rainbow of hues.

However, the manufacturers don’t use paint to create those colors – and that’s a good thing. Instead, they mix special coloring into the wicker-resin material as they’re mixing everything together, before anything is weaved. That way, the color is infused throughout, instead of just spraying a layer of paint on it – meaning that it won’t chip off or flake like painted patio furniture does.

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