Wicker Patio Furniture – Is It Really Sturdy Enough to be Outside

Have you ever wondered how people use wicker furniture out on their patios or decks? After all, it’s not like wicker is known for its ability to withstand the elements…
…Or is it?

Wicker patio furniture is made a little bit differently than traditional wicker furniture. Thanks to modern tools and techniques, you can feel free to let your outdoor wicker stay outside year-round!

So, what is it about wicker patio furniture that makes it different from a traditional wicker chair or a rattan dining set?

The difference comes in the ingredients used to manufacture it. In fact, outdoor wicker is also known as “resin wicker“.

Wicker patio furniture isn’t made out of pure wicker. Instead, it’s mixed with resin to help protect it from everything that Mother Nature throws at it. Resin wicker is virtually identical to traditional wicker. The only difference you might notice is that resin wicker is a little shinier – but that’s something you’ll only see if you inspect your furniture close-up in bright sunlight.

Because it contains a little bit of resin, wicker patio furniture is strong enough to withstand the heat, rain, and cold that your patio experiences every day. The resin will keep it from fading in the sun, developing mold in the rain, and warping or buckling in the cold. No matter how long your wicker patio furniture sits outside, it will look just as good as the day you bought it!

As an added benefit, that resin makes it easier to incorporate your wicker furniture into your décor. Normally, when you buy something like a rattan dining set, you only have one color option – the tan shade that’s the natural color of wicker and rattan.

However, things are totally different when you get outdoor wicker. That’s because the type of resin the wicker is mixed with will determine its color. That way, outdoor wicker can come in a virtual rainbow of colors – and you don’t have to rely on spray paint or other paint to get it that way! You can feel free to match your wicker patio furniture to your favorite plant or get it in a bright color that reminds you of the tropics.

Outdoor wicker really is “no-nonsense”. In fact, the only thing you’ll ever have to think about is the cushions that come with your wicker patio furniture. Resin wicker is strong enough to outlasts several different sets of cushions!

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