Wicker Patio Furniture — 4 Dos and Don’ts

If you’ve finally decided that it’s time to get rid of that old patio furniture, congratulations! Wicker patio furniture can make your outdoor space look great — as long as you follow these 4 rules:

1. DO buy special wicker patio furniture

You can’t just take any ol’ wicker and stick it outside.

Instead, you need to buy stuff that’s been specially-manufactured to be used as wicker patio furniture. Otherwise, it will be eaten alive by the sun, rain, snow, and ice that your patio deals with on a daily basis.

How do you know if your wicker furniture can go outside?
Make sure it’s got resin in it! If those wicker chairs haven’t been manufactured with a mixture of traditional wicker and resin, they’ll never be able to survive outside.

You’ll also need to be on the lookout for special outdoor cushions. Make sure your outdoor wicker sofa doesn’t come with cushions that are going to mildew at the first sight of a rain cloud.

2. DON’T confuse outdoor wicker with rattan furniture

Wicker and rattan furniture come from the same vines, but they’re not completely interchangeable when it comes to the great outdoors. You might be inclined to think that rattan furniture can go outside because it’s a little sturdier and a little slicker than traditional wicker. However, that’s not the case.

Traditional rattan furniture will get just as moldy, just as faded, and just as yucky as traditional wicker will if you keep it outside!

3. DO take advantage of different-sized pieces of wicker patio furniture

Unlike most of the “common” patio furniture, wicker comes in just about any shape and size you can imagine. If you’ve only got a small space to work with, a few wicker chairs might be all you need. Or, if you’ve got a big deck to fill, you might love the comfort of an outdoor wicker sofa.

Luckily, when you’ve got wicker patio furniture, you can turn your outdoor area into a tropical oasis — no matter how big it is!

4. DON’T be afraid to experiment with bold colors

Because it’s mixed with resin, wicker patio furniture can come in just about any color you can imagine. Instead of opting for the traditional earth tones, why not get something brighter and bolder? You can get wicker chairs that match your landscaping, a table that’s the same color as the sunset, or a sofa that matches your bright blue pool water. The possibilities are endless!

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