Wicker Furniture Sets – What Kinds of Options Do You Have?

If you think that all wicker furniture looks the same, think again. When you start looking at all of the wicker furniture sets out there, you’ll see that the possibilities are endless! They can go inside, outside, in casual-themed rooms, or in your most elegant of areas.

So, what kind of options do you have?

1. Wicker patio furniture

This is what most people think of when they think of wicker furniture sets. Wicker patio furniture has been part of people’s outdoor décor for decades. And, because it offers such a classic style – along with cushions that are easy to change and update to the latest trends – it will never go out of style!

Luckily, your wicker patio furniture can be as unique as you are. Thanks to the resin that’s mixed in to make it weatherproof, wicker patio furniture comes in a rainbow of different colors. If you really want a “polished” look, opt for wicker that complements your landscaping.

2. Wicker dining sets

If you’re looking for something a little more formal than a patio furniture set, check out all of the different wicker dining sets out there. Some are perfect for everyday use, while others are elegant enough to host your holiday dinner parties!

And, as an added benefit, wicker dining sets come in a wide range of colors. If your home has a light and airy décor, white wicker might look best. Or, if you want a more tropical feel, opt for classic sandy-colored wicker. Or, if you want a wicker dining set that really stands out, get darker wicker with light cushions for a great contrast!

3. Seagrass furniture

If you’re looking for furniture that comes with all of the benefits of wicker – but looks a little bit different – take advantage of seagrass furniture. Seagrass is woven differently than traditional wicker, which gives it a patterned look. Or, you can get seagrass furniture that is woven the same way as wicker – only it’s a little bit darker. As the name implies, seagrass furniture is great for adding a “beachy” feel to your home.

The great thing about seagrass is that it’s not one uniform color. Instead, it features some lighter portions. It’s kind of like having highlights in your hair. Sure, most of it may be brown, but there are a few lighter strands here and there that make it stand out.
Because of its unique coloring, seagrass furniture looks great with a variety of different cushions. Feel free to pair yours with white cushions, or opt for a tropical-themed pattern.

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