Wicker Furniture — Indoor Isn’t Your Only Option!

Wicker furniture truly is in a class by itself. After all, how much of the furniture out there can look great, both inside and outside? Whether you’ve already got some wicker furniture indoor, or you’re simply looking to add some class to your outdoor area, wicker patio furniture is the perfect solution.

But how is that possible? How can it sit outside all the time?

The wicker furniture you see outside isn’t exactly the same as the stuff you see inside. That’s because wicker patio furniture is actually mixed with resin during the manufacturing process. As a result, you commonly hear it called “resin wicker“.

What’s so great about resin wicker?

The resin itself doesn’t change the look of the wicker. In fact, most people can’t tell a difference between the wicker furniture indoor and outdoor.

The only slight difference you might notice (and only if you really stare at it, in the bright sunlight) is that resin wicker is a tiny bit slicker than traditional wicker. It might have a little more of a shine to it, but it’s so minor that most people will never notice it.

Even though it looks virtually identical, wicker patio furniture can thank the resin for making it sturdy enough to handle everything Mother Nature throws at it. That’s because the resin basically creates a protective barrier, so that the wicker doesn’t fade in the bright sunshine, develop mildew in the rain and snow, or suffer permanent damage from icicles. When you have resin wicker, you can feel free to leave it outside 365 days a year, and it will always look just as good as the day you bought it!

As an added benefit, the resin makes it possible for you to get wicker furniture in a variety of different colors. When you have wicker furniture indoor, your color choices are limited. The wicker itself is a sandy beige color.

You might be able to get it stained in a few basic colors (mostly earth tones), but that’s it.

But when you add resin into the mix, you wind up with a rainbow of color choices. All the manufacturer has to do is add resin that’s a certain color, and it will change the color of the wicker. As a result, you can get pink wicker patio furniture to match your rose bushes, chocolate brown wicker patio furniture to match your wooden deck, or even bright yellow wicker patio furniture to complement your thick green grass.

No matter how you look at, when you have resin wicker, the possibilities are endless!

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