Wicker Furniture – 4 Reasons to Have It in Your Home

Whether you have a big house or a small apartment, wicker furniture is a great addition. Because this furniture is so light and airy, it can fit in smaller spaces — but it still looks great in big spaces.

Size issues aside, here are 4 reasons why you need to have wicker furniture in your home:

1. It’s relaxing

Head to virtually any beach resort or island getaway, and you’ll see tons of wicker furniture. You’ll find wicker chairs out by the bar, wicker sofas in the lobby, and probably even some wicker pieces in your hotel room. That’s because wicker gives off a tropical, relaxed vibe.

But you don’t have to limit that feeling to your vacations. Instead, you can put some wicker furniture in your home and get that light, airy, relaxed vibe every day — no matter where you live!

2. It can be casual or formal

Just because wicker furniture is a great fit at the beach doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant. You can easily “dress it up” so that it looks more formal. For example, you can get elegant cushions to go on your wicker chairs, or you can put fancy pieces of crystal on your wicker bookshelf.

Rattan offers many of the same benefits, and it complements wicker very well. For example, you can pair a rattan dining table with wicker chairs, put some fancy place settings on the table and — voila! — you’ve got a formal rattan dining set that’s just as elegant as those heavy, darker, wooden sets.

3. It’s easy to move

Moving in the not-so-distant future? Wicker furniture will make it a whole lot easier! Since it weighs much less than that heavy wooden furniture, you won’t break your back trying to move it. And if you’re hiring professional movers to do the work for you, you’ll actually wind up paying less by having wicker furniture — since most of them charge by the pound!

Even if you’re not planning a big move, it’s easy to rearrange your furniture and give your room a whole new look anytime you want when you have wicker.

4. It can go outside

Hate that flimsy plastic patio furniture or the heavy iron patio furniture that rusts in the rain and isn’t very comfortable to sit on? You can get rid of all of it when you have wicker resin furniture! In this stuff, the wicker is mixed with resin during the manufacturing process, so it can handle the sun, rain, and snow that your patio contends with. Wicker resin furniture is specially-designed not to fade in the sun or grow mold when it gets rained on. You can leave it out year-round, and it will always look better than the brand new plastic or iron stuff you might have bought instead!

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