Why You Should Install Under Floor Heating In Your Home

Just the thought of getting out of your warm cozy bed in the morning when it is snowing outside is not a pleasant one. Walking in to a freezing cold bathroom and kitchen only adds to the misery. Does the thought of warm floors to step on to sound like a luxury way out of your budget? It does not have to be. Floor heating is more affordable than you think. Here are some good reasons why you should consider installing an under floor heating system in your house:

There are two types of under floor heating available, electric floor heating and water fed under floor heating. Electric floor heating has electric wires installed under the floor and water fed or hydronic floor heating has pipes which carry hot water installed under the floor.

So why should you install underfloor heating in your house?
Efficiency: this system heats the ground and the warm air rises to the top unlike with conventional heaters which heat the air and the air can go out when doors are opened which means the heater has to continuously operate to maintain the temperature unlike floor heating which retains the heat on the floor for longer. Go to www.ezfloorheat.com to find out more about how this operates.


Warm floors under your feet will be a blessing, but this is not all, because of the low heating temperature the heat will be evenly distributed across the floor and the floor heat will evenly radiate upwards to provide comfortable warming throughout the room.

Better for health

Floor heating is recommended for persons suffering from asthma and other allergic conditions since unlike other heating systems this does not create a heat draft resulting in dust being lifted and circulated around the room. The floor heat keeps the floor dry and this prevents allergy causing dust mites from breeding. So if you are an asthma sufferer go to EZ Floor Heat to get your heated floor.
Lesser electricity bills

If your house is well insulated, under floor heating, especially electric floor heating will cost less than using a traditional radiator or hydronic floor heating since it is more efficient than the radiator.

Long lasting

If you purchase a high quality system from www.ezfloorheat.com you will be assured of the system lasting for over 20 years with no regular maintenance required to keep it working in good order.

Get floor heating installed in your house and waking up on a freezing cold morning will not be the same.

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