Why Synthetic Grass is Safe To Use With Kids And Pets

Guest Post is provided by CCGrass Landscapes, a manufacturer specializing in artificial grass lawns. Visit their website for more information.

If you have a dog, you know how they can destroy a natural grass lawn by digging, chewing or urination on your turf. Once you install synthetic grass for your pet areas outside, you will be amazed at how different and easier it is since you made the switch. Dog urine, although sterile, leaves unsightly patches of dead brown grass due to the acidic pH content in their pee.

These spots will turn muddy and brown in the rain, which is not only easy to track back into the house, but it also can be extremely dangerous for slips and falls. While adults are at less of a risk for falling, children tend to run right over them while playing, causing skinned knees, sprained ankles or worse.

The solution to this problem is simple. Installing artificial grass allows you to have an aesthetically beautiful and healthy looking lawn all year round. Installing artificial grass is also a safety measure, because it eliminates any “doggie spots” that can potentially become muddy and cause slips on your lawn.

The fibers are resistant to the high pH levels in dog urine, and are safeguarded against tearing. In fact, the fibers are so strong that they are used in professional sports fields all over the world. The damage cleats can do on a natural grass lawn has to be repaired, while synthetic turf needs minimal maintenance.

So while your kids are playing hard on your grass covering, you can rest assured that slips and falls will be minimal. The soft, natural feeling of the grass feels good on the skin and causes less irritation than cheap imitations or for those who are allergic to natural grass.

The infill of a fake lawn offers protection that the dirt under natural grass can’t offer. For example, it is so well cushioned with recycled rubber, that professional sports facilities also use them to absorb falls. Children who accidently fall while running or from play equipment have a greater chance of walking away without major injury due to the cushioning of the infill.

The hygienic properties of specialized artificial grass infills are also appealing to families with kids and pets. Microban material neutralizes bacteria from dog waste and hinders its growth to keep the play area free from infections. Water can pass right through the infill into the dirt below ensuring that mold and mildew don’t grow and leave a disgusting smell behind. This kind of technology is only available with artificial turf, and can be found through wholesale direct suppliers.

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