Why Dryfast Foam Works So Well

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If you own any patio furniture, you know that after a while, it doesn’t feel or smell like it used to anymore. Most patio furniture comes with a variant of open cell foam already installed. While open cell foam mattress and seat cushions are comfortable and last a decent amount of time there is always going to be a day where you will need to replace the inside foam of your furniture.

Rather than throw it away, which adds to the amount of garbage we are throwing into our landfills, properly discarding the old seat cushion and replacing it with a new foam cushion is a far better deal both for the environment and for you financially.

Think about how much a new patio set would cost, because let’s be honest, you probably don’t want to replace that one chair with a completely different one. Mismatched furniture is unsettling to those who suffer from OCD and just the general public alike.

A new set of patio furniture at a good rate will run you at hundreds of dollars, maybe over $1,000, while a foam seat cushion will only cost you well under $50, not including installation. Conversely, simply replacing the seat cushion that has worn out or molded will save you money, and you can keep that nostalgic patio furniture set that you love.

Since you’re already changing out your patio furniture cushions, you should consider the amazing qualities of Dry Fast Foam before replacing it with another basic open cell foam cushion.

Dry Fast is a great product because of its ability to keep your seat cushions more hygienic for outdoor and moist environments. Whether you are replacing your wicker loveseat cushions in your backyard or you need new seats on your maritime vessel, Dry Fast is a solution that prevents mold and mildew from building up inside the fibers of the cushion.

If you like in a damp environment where it always seems to be raining or snowing at some point in the year, your cushions are likely to be permeate the fibers of your seat cushion. Most material holds quite a bit of water, and in that damp, dark environment, bacteria and mold will thrive. Dry Fast works by first allowing the water to pass right through the material.

For example if you were to hold a watering can over a seat cushion filled with Dry Fast Foam, it would pour right through the bottom like magic. This improves air circulation, which in turn helps the water inside your cushion dry faster.

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