How to create more space in your store

If you are the owner of a retail clothing store you will know the difficulty in getting all your wares on display within the limited space available while not making the space look too cluttered. It is not an easy balance to strike; after all you can only sell items if they are on display. But if you carefully choose your store fixtures you will be amazed at how much extra space can be created.

Countertop displays which can be bought from Display Warehouse can be used to display small items such as jewelry and sunglasses. They can be placed on the space available near the cash counter where customers have a good view of the items which are placed at eye level.
A good way to display clothing items is to use a clothing rack where you can hang your clothes on clothing hangers to keep your merchandize organized as well as making it easy for customers to browse through.

Choosing the right clothing racks can maximize the amount of items that can be displayed. You can even add a touch of luxury to the clothing by using wooden or padded and satin lined clothing hangers. Research shows that customers perceive goods to be of high quality if they are displayed on well-designed store fixtures and are willing to pay more for such items.

Placing the clothing racks in strategic locations in the store will make customers walk in to your store and browse through.

When displaying items make sure they are not duplicated and that every item is displayed.
Another way to add space is to organize the stocks. Make sure they are sorted according to different categories such as size, color or brand which will maximize the storage space in the store.

The exterior of your store plays an important role and this is where mannequins and clothing forms can be used to display the latest and most eye catching apparel in the store.

Slatwalls are another way to add space to your store while creating an elegant appeal to the interior. They can be used to display items such as t-shirts which can be arranged according to color and it is an t ideal way to display shoes.

When selecting countertop displays make sure to get the ones which can hold the maximum number of items.
At Display Warehouse you can find all the store fixtures you need and you have a wide range to select from to perfectly match your store space.

Guest post provided by Display Warehouse: Using the right store fixtures can increase customer satisfaction as well as increase sales and business for you.

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