Use acrylic displays to enhance your store

When you are starting a retail business, unless you have access to a large amount of capital, you will not want to incur heavy expenses when it comes to planning the layout of the store and purchasing store fixtures. Though these aspects are vital for the success of the business it is possible to achieve the results you want by using cheaper alternatives and using acrylic displays is one such solution.

Using acrylic countertop displays is a good substitute for using glass display cabinets which are very much more expensive than the acrylic ones. They are also light weight and are very versatile, which makes them even more popular.
An acrylic display case can be selected in various colors to match the interior of the store which will make the store interior look more aesthetically pleasing and therefore more appealing to customers who will want to walk in to browse the things which are displayed in the display cases. Storing goods, especially high value items like jewelry in acrylic displays will provide security as well and will protect goods from over enthusiastic shoppers who can cause breakages and damage.

Acrylic countertop displays are a good way to increase display space in a store with limited space. The empty countertop can be a money spinner for you with the right store fixtures. Depending on the number of levels available, the countertop space can be doubled, tripled or even more added. This can be used near the cash register to display items such as candy bars or if in a clothing store small jewelry items and such which are not high in value and the sight of which will prompt the customer to make an impromptu decision to purchase the product.

Acrylic displays which can be purchased from Display Warehouse can be used to display promotional material in the store, especially near the cash register or on the countertop where many people will gather. The display will keep the material safe from damage.

In addition acrylic displays provide protection form he UV rays by blocking out 90% of the rays and is the best way to store and display sensitive merchandise.
Guest post provided by Display Warehouse: Make sure to have the best means to display the merchandise protecting them from theft and too much handling which cause damage. Acrylic displays will do just that while being easy on your budget as it is less expensive than the traditional glass displays.

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