Why electric radiant floor heat is more efficient than conventional forced air?

We are always on the lookout for more economical ways of doing things because of the rising cost of living. When it comes to essential things like heating which is in use for a good part of the year, choosing the most economical system will keep you warm and comfortable without being too draining on your pocket. So if you are looking at replacing your heating system or installing a new heating system it will be interesting for you to know whether electric radiant floor heat is more efficient than conventional forced air heating.

What is radiant floor heating and how does it work? This involves the laying of electric wires under the floor which heats the floor and the warmth from the floor heat rises above to heat the room. You can find out more information on this at www.ezfloorheat.com.
Whereas forced air heating involves heated air travelling through a duct system that is expelled through vents placed throughout the house.

Heat is lost through inefficiencies in the duct system. Most of the ducts used in forced air heating would be located in a basement or an area which is not easily accessible and there could be many small flaws in the system though which heated air will escape. Not having proper insulation will also cause air to escape through cracks in doors and windows. With radiant floor heating there is no wastage of heat through leakage.

Another reason why an underfloor heating system is more energy efficient is the even distribution of heat throughout the surface which makes the lower part of the house warmer thus keeping the occupants warmer. It is a fact that if we keep our feet warm that our whole body will be comfortable even though our head will be much cooler.

The heated floors will achieve this and make us feel comfortable at a lower temperature than with forced air heating which is forcing air from the ceiling downwards and it will require the thermostat to be set at a much higher temperature to achieve the level of comfort afforded by an electric radiant floor heat system from EZ Floor Heat.

There is a lesser variation of temperature in a room with under floor heating than with forced air heating where the temperature will vary between 6º C through different levels in the room. But with heated floors there is much less variation which results in lower energy costs.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the house through floor heat has shown to reduce heating costs up to 25%. Installing a radiant floor heating system is easy with EZ Floor Heat. Log on to www.ezfloorheat.com to find out about floor heating and other warming accessories to make your life warm and comfortable.

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