Which Wedding Linens Are an Absolute Must-Have

With the dress, the flowers, the rings, and the caterer, you probably think you have more than enough things to worry about before you say “I do”! However, you can’t just focus on the “big stuff”. If you want to have a truly elegant wedding that your guests are going to remember forever, you need to make sure they have the perfect place to sit – which means you have to have to perfect wedding linens.

So, which wedding linens are an absolute must-have?

1. Round tablecloths

When you have wedding table linens, round is the way to go. That’s because round tables are much better for your guests than square or rectangle tables are. With round tables, your guests can easily have a conversation with everyone at their table. But when you seat people at rectangle tables, they can only really speak to people right next to them or right across from them.

Luckily, table linens that are round won’t cost you any more than the square ones. And, if you find the right retailer, you can get them at wholesale prices. Now that’s how you pay attention to details and stay on budget!

2. Chair covers

If you want an ultra-elegant vibe, you can get it with chair covers. That’s because, no matter what kind of fabric you choose, chair covers add a long, flowing look to your entire décor.

As an added benefit, finding wholesale chair covers can actually save you a ton of money! That’s because you can use chair covers over cheap chair rentals – like folding chairs. That way, you can save money on cheap chairs – but no one will ever know, because they’ll look so elegant on top!

3. Wholesale table clothes

It may sound silly to call them “table clothes”, but that’s exactly what they are! Wholesale table clothes are made up of little things, like chair sashes.

So, why are they a must-have?

Because great weddings focus on the details! The right wholesale table clothes can add another color to your décor, make your chairs look even more elegant, and add a nice finishing touch to your reception hall.

Wholesale table clothes are also a great way to add a splash of color that’s too bright to go on bigger wedding linens – like tablecloths or chair covers. For example, if you want to incorporate hot pink satin into your décor, it’s way too bright to be on anything bigger than a chair sash.

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