How Branding Helps Your Ice Cream or Coffee Shop On Custom Printed Cups

Guest post is provided by Gelato Products, shipping paper coffee cups and ice cream shop supplies to ice cafes everywhere. Visit their website for more information.

Custom printed cups are a great way to brand your ice cream shop. While generic cups can be mistaken for any place, a custom cup is basically another form of advertising for your business. The more an eye catching logo is seen, the greater chance you have to attract new customers. A logo usually has to be seen a few times before it is kept in a potential customer’s memory.

Brands communicate to your customer what they’re going to be getting. If they have had experience with you before, seeing your logo on a product will remind them of previous experiences they’ve had before. Brands make it easy to communicate word-of-mouth to friends.

A brand is a combination of logos, words used, fonts, designs, colors, etc. It uses buzz words and pictures to describe your product perfectly. For example Yougurtland uses green and pink like the brightly colored yogurt that it sells. When you see a cup with the Yogurtland logo on it, you know you aren’t getting Pinkberry or Tutti Frutti.

You know what to expect from what you eat inside the cup. Brands not only describe the product but also the people buying it. Customers are looking for something that reflects them when they walk around with your custom-made gelato cups.

You can order your custom logos on coffee cups as well. Many gelato and ice cream stores sell coffee to offset the cold. You will want a unique design on your custom cups. Being different from the rest will set you apart and help your customers remember your product. Using custom coffee cups instead of generic ones will help you connect with your target market better and encourage them to have loyalty to your business.

People are attracted to things that are familiar to them. If a person wants to go out for ice cream they are most likely to follow an image in their heads. If you use generic paper and plastic materials for cups and bags, they won’t see your brand again until they visit your store. When people walk around with a custom cup with your logo on it, they are essentially advertising your business for you.

Custom cups are easy to order and just require a logo for it. Although they are more expensive than generic cups, they are ultimately a better investment. Studies have shown that branded material helps improve customer loyalty more than generic material.

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