How Credit Card Merchant Services Could Be Screwing You If You Accept Credit Cards Online

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If you are a business owner that employs ecommerce credit card processing, listen up. Thousands of people are purchasing products and services online from their computers, smart phones and tablets.

There is no better way to start saving than to review what kind of services your are receiving from your internet merchant account provider. Most credit card processing services are not in their client’s best interest, hiking up fees and creating lengthy and unnecessary contracts to try and squeeze the most they can out of their own clients.

You should expect better out of your credit card merchant services. Businesses in this day and age need the most flexibility possible to compete in this ever changing and volatile economy. Many companies require their merchants sign contracts lasting anywhere from six months up to a few years.

These lengthy contracts offer mostly just fine print that protects the processer from poor investments. A great credit card processing company offers their services with absolutely no contract. This gives the business owner the freedom to test the waters and ensure they are getting the best option possible. Credit card merchant services are confident they are giving quality services to their clients if they give a no contract option.

The application process is also something to consider when choosing a merchant processing company. Do they make you wait days, weeks, even months for an approval? A good company will have the ability to instantly inform you of your approval status. As for the application fee, they range in price.

Some companies will try and charge you anywhere from $95 to $250 per application when you are trying to set up your ecommerce credit card processing. Be aware that this application fee is not necessary and that you can find a company that will process your application for free.

This is especially important for people who are considered “high-risk” by credit card processing companies. High-risk business may apply to many places before settling with the right one.

Another thing to watch out for is early termination fees. While it is not something merchants like, application fees can be a normal part of the process for acquiring credit card merchant services. But it is strongly recommended that you avoid any company that chooses to employ early termination charges in their contracts.

These charges can be up to $1,000 or more, money that you just don’t have. What if you find yourself stuck with a company with poor service? Would you want to pay to leave? It is just not a situation you want to get yourself into.

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