Which Manufacturers Should Handle Your Swimming Pool Filter Parts?

If you need swimming pool filter parts, you need to be on the lookout for these two brand names.

Your swimming pool’s filter is responsible for hanging onto all of the dirt that your fancy automatic pool cleaner scoops up. So, if your swimming pool filter parts aren’t up to snuff, your pool will never be clean – no matter how much money you spend on cleaning machines and accessories!
If you want the very best filter parts, you need to be on the lookout for these two brand names:

1. Kreepy Krauly
Be honest – will you ever be able to forget a name like “Kreepy Krauly”?!
Luckily, Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner parts live up to their name, by “kreeping” and “krauling” around the bottom of your pool (and working hard inside your filter), looking for teeny-tiny pieces of dirt and debris to scoop up, so that you don’t have to swim in a pool that’s dirty and icky. After all, that’s not very refreshing!
Despite their silly name, the engineers at Kreepy Krauly are anything but silly. They’ve been hard at work for years, coming up with new ways to keep pools as clean as possible. As a result, many of Kreepy Krauly’s pool cleaner parts come with swiveling heads so that they can dig deeper into the hard-to-reach areas of your pool. That way, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single speck of dirt anywhere at the bottom of your pool!
Amazingly, though, for all of their innovations, Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner parts won’t clean out your wallet. They’re actually much more affordable than some of their less-impressive counterparts!

2. Polaris
OK, so it doesn’t have quite as catchy of a name as Kreepy Krauly. However, Polaris has some major name recognition in its own right.
For almost five decades, Polaris pool cleaner parts have set the standard for backyard swimming pools. Thanks to their innovation, reliability, and durability, Polaris is the number-one manufacturer of swimming pool filter parts in the world!
Speaking of innovation, Polaris has the market nearly cornered on it. Despite all of their successes, the company is constantly coming up with new products and new upgrades for their existing products.
For example, Polaris’ pool cleaner parts don’t just scoop up dirt. They also look for and eliminate debris particles that are 64% smaller than what their competitors can scoop up. These cleaners can even scrub the sides of your pool to make sure that it’s sparkling clean!
On average, Polaris pool cleaner parts tend to be a little pricier than their Kreepy Krauly counterparts. However, people who own these machines say spending a little bit more is totally worth it, because they’re that good!

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