What kind of filter to use?

Learn filter basics before buying a replacement filter for your system.
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Air filters clean the air before it enters the air handler. In other words it creates a physical barrier for particles. Whether you are looking for a replacement Honeywell filter or heater filters, you need to understand some basics of filters. There are two general types of filters that remove particles from the air in your home; mechanical air filters and electronic air cleaners.
Mechanical air filters are installed in your home HVAC system and portable air cleaners. Usually particles are captured in the filter fibers or stick to the filter due to an electrostatic charge. There are two major types of mechanical filters; flat (panel) and pleated (extended surface). Flat filters are made of glass fiber, vegetable fiber, coated animal hair, synthetic fibers, metal wool, or expanded metals and foils. These fibers may be coated with oil to allow particles to stick. As particles become dense, the effectiveness of the flat filters goes down. Pleated filters on the other hand are generally more efficient than flat filters due to pleating which provide more surface area for capturing particles. High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters is an extension of pleated filters, usually made of glass fiber, and carry a larger surface area to trap particles. Experts at Your Filter Connection can help you with your filter needs. Whether you are looking for air conditioner filter or any other, they will assist you with your filter needs.
Electronic air filters trap particles using electrostatic attraction. There are two types of this class of filters; electronic precipitators and ion generators. Electronic precipitators carry an ionization section and collecting plate using an external power source. When air travel through the unit it generates a charge and charged particles are accumulated in flat plates. Ion generators on the other hand disperse charged particles into the air and particles are attracted to nearby walls and other surfaces. Whether you are looking for replacement Honeywell filter or air conditioner filter experts at Your Filter Connection can help you to choose the right filter.
When choosing an air filter or heater filters, attention shall be given to highest level of filter efficiency. Filter efficiency is measured by the industry standard of Minimum Efficiency Rating Value or commonly known as MERV rating. It ranges from 1 (lowest efficiency) to 16 (highest efficiency) and indicate how well a filter captures and holds dirt and dust. Your Filter Connection can assist you to choose an efficient filter for your system.

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