5 Reasons Why Frameless Glass Pool Fences Frameless Fencing, from Pools to Showers

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Pool fencing in Sydney is a great place to start looking into frameless fencing if you live in Australia. You should rely on more than 30 years experience in framing pools, showers, and anything else that needs to be frameless- or glass. Many experienced companies specialize in helping with DIY projects- or doing it for you, the client. If this kind of fencing is something you want, you will need a place to go with knowledgeable professionals to answer your questions.

You just installed that beautiful new pool with the gorgeous endless waterfall that has now become the centerpiece of your newly redesigned backyard. But now you have to comply with regulations- and having your pool fenced in is one of them. In order to allow the beauty of your new artwork shine properly, you decide on frameless fencing- which, of course, satisfies the state safety requirement as well as allows your pool to be seen through glass so as to still show off the brilliance of your new design.

Now what about this specific kind of fencing that makes it a great choice? Frameless fencing is usually chosen so as to continue to highlight the item it is surrounding. There is Semi-frameless fencing, which has large aluminum or stainless steel posts between each glass sheet, and helps provide more support against wind or other elements. This is still beautiful, but breaks apart the view with the posts in between each sheet.

If it is truly frameless fencing, however, then there are very small posts called spigots between each sheet of glass, which are minimized in order to give less of an obstruction. This occurs whether the client is building a shower or a pool- and is very easy to assemble. The sheets of glass are made to be fitted into almost any surface, be it concrete, wood, or timber decks, thus allowing the client to have a beautifully displayed backyard without the hassle of finding fencing that complies with safety standards.

This type of fencing is truly one of the best choices out there. It is a very safe choice for families, with the glass being typically about 12 mm thick and very strong, and impossible for children to climb. It showcases your pool or shower while providing a beautiful fencing that is classy and fits the style of what you are looking for.

Lastly, this fencing is very malleable in that the provider can shape and design exactly the right kind of fence for you and what you are showcasing, including colored lights, alternating sizes of glass, or answering questions with a DIY kit. No matter what, glass frameless fencing will provide just the right touch of elegance and beauty to your backyard or home.

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