Glass Fencing for Security and Esthetics

Streaming natural light gives an appealing look to building structures. However, for privacy and security reasons, sometimes people have to sacrifice this esthetic quality. Stairwells, partitions and short walls don’t have to be built only with bricks or concrete. Glass partitions are a great way to preserve privacy and security without sacrificing a charming look of a building.

Especially, around swimming pools security is an extreme concern. Most drowning accidents that involve 1-4 year-olds happen in residential swimming pools. In some countries pool fencing is a strict requirement. However, people are reluctant to secure pools with fences because the heavy metal can take away the esthetics. Glass fencing is the best solution for this problem. Fencing can prevent between 50%-90% swimming pool accidents.

Glass fencing is also a great way to keep an eye on kids around the pool from far. Unlike wood or metal fencing, the semi frameless glass fencing won’t become corrosive, discolored or warped when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Fences made out of tough glass won’t shatter. Even if they break, the pieces remain in the frame.

Australians are great swimming aficionados. In New South Wales alone there are more than 300,000 home pools. People who own these private pools can rely on glass fencing to secure pool area. The best company that specialized in glass fencing is Dimension 1 Glass.

Especially in Sydney, if you need to build a new fence around your swimming pool or renovate an existing one, the company is specialized in both tasks. Not only a glass fence, but also a glass balustrade is a great way to have a secure pool. Protected pools are safe for elderly and others with physical challenges.

Swimming pools are built in different shapes and sizes according to people’s needs. Most of the home pools are shallow and built with enough length to swim laps. Glass fencing has made a big difference of the looks of these pools. If the pool is in a crammed space, the semi frameless glass fencing can give it both the expansive and minimalist look. This kind of fencing can provide security without compromising the esthetics. When secured with a glass balustrade, these fences can be strong and durable too.

Swimming is a great pass time in Australia. The best company that specialized in glass pool fences in Sydney is Dimension 1 Glass. Glass fencing helps you enjoy natural beauty without obstructing the view. Also, glass fencing won’t have any effect if it is in constant contact with chlorinated pool water. Dimension Glass 1 has the expertise to create designs for glass pool fences in Sydney.

Glass fencing is becoming more and more popular among home owners because they preserve esthetics.

Guest Post provided by Dimension 1 Glass, experts of glass pool fences in Sydney

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