Where did the Old Metal Ceiling Fan Go?

In the ancient world hand fans were used by men and women both as an accessory as well as a cooling system to make the body feel comfortable on warm days. That concept of fan, developed into modern day fans that are widely used all over the world. Now a ceiling fan can last about 18 years and the ceiling fan light can exceed that life expectancy.

The fan manufacturing industry developed rapidly from the late19th century. The manufacturers were able to make different shapes and sizes of fans for different purposes. For instance, they developed ceiling fans, table fans and pedestal fans. Ceiling fans were the most commonly used type of cooling system and the manufacturers experimented with different sizes and shapes, to make the most efficient fan. Consumers who are looking for clutter free look for a limited space small ceiling fans are the ideal type. These fans make rooms look much pleasant to the eye than large fans. Also, they run efficiently and save energy. However, it is not easy to find small ceiling fans that are made with eye-catching looks. The best vendor that carries elegantly made small fans is www.palmfanstore.com.

The ceiling fan industry has overcome many obstacles it faced in the early days. Fans can take space in a room and they can clash with the interior décor. The industry has developed flush mount ceiling fans to overcome the problem that rooms with low ceilings. These fans are installed closer to the ceiling and they don’t look as if they have taken a lot of space. Not only for a space where there is a low ceiling but also for an area where there is a lot of foot traffic, flush mount ceiling fans are the ideal type. Also, these fans become very useful in the areas that need large ceiling fans.

In the early days of the ceiling fan manufacturing industry, marketing became a problem because consumer didn’t like the enormous metal pieces hanging over their heads. The common word they used to describe these fans was ‘ugly’. The fan industry found a solution to that problem, Today the contemporary ceiling fans come in beautiful designs and colors. They bring elegance and taste to a room. Their blades and lighting are very creative. There are many designs of contemporary ceiling fans on www.palmfanstore.com.

Thanks to the developments in the ceiling fan manufacturing industry, now the consumers have a wide variety of designs, sizes and shapes of ceiling fans to choose from. They can buy elegant looking large ceiling fans for any room in any kind of a dwelling.

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