Use Frameless Pool Fencing for Safety and Reliability

A swimming pool in the back yard not only helps you relax but adds beauty and character to the surrounding area as well. If you already own a pool or intend on building one you may already know that Council regulation requires having a child resistant pool fence that complies with Australian Standards to restrict access to the pool for safety reasons. Does this mean you will have to block the view of the pool from the house? Not anymore, with frameless pool fencing you can maintain an unobstructed view of the pool and garden without compromising the safety of your family.

Selecting the right fencing can add value and appeal to your house. Using conventional wooden fencing will provide safety, but will be limiting in the aesthetics aspect whereas glass fencing will add a touch of elegance and sophistication and you can choose from semi frameless glass fencing or frameless pool fencing to ensure safety without compromising the view of your beautifully landscaped garden.

If you live in a suburb of Sydney offering beautiful views of the ocean, you will want to maximize the view and this can be done by using glass balustrades to offer uninterrupted views from your patio while letting in the natural sunlight. An infinity pool with a view across the ocean is a possibility with glass pool fencing in Sydney ensuring an unparalleled view across the Sydney harbor which will make your swimming pool the focal point of your house.

Glass balustrades are a good choice if you live an apartment. You can sit out in your balcony in the evening and enjoy the undisturbed view especially if you use a frameless balustrade without compromising on safety and security. These balustrades can be used on your staircase as well and in a small apartment this will give the illusion of more space as the light is not restricted and there is a free flowing openness added to the smaller spaces. You can also have handrails fixed to your frameless glass balustrade from the range of quality hardware available from dimension 1 glass.

Glass is also low in maintenance and only requires a soft wash with a mild detergent and a rinse with water. It also adds a more modern look when compared to wooden balustrades.

Glass is also longer lasting then wood which will start to decay after some time and especially if you live in the coastal areas where the salty air accelerates the process of decay. This can be a disaster waiting to happen if you are not aware of the decay and could result in the balustrade giving away and someone falling over.

So if you are looking at replacing your wooden balustrades or glass pool fencing in Sydney, look no further than dimension 1 glass for the ideal solution which can be chosen from a range of high quality, reasonably priced products.

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