Use Ceiling Fans and Reduce Your Electricity Costs

With energy costs rising steadily, majority of us want to find alternative ways to replace the use of high electricity consuming appliances. One such appliance would be the air conditioner. When the mercury rises during summer we want to stay cool but will be reluctant to turn on the air conditioner fearing the energy bills that follow. Installing ceiling fans in your house will keep you cool without running up a high electricity bill.
With the new type of fans available it is possible to use a fan to cool a room as well as to make a room warm during the winter months. You can install ceiling fans inside your house and there are outdoor ceiling fans to use in your patio or verandah.

A ceiling fan makes you cooler by moving air over the skin’s surface and removing the heat from the warm layer of air that is always surrounding us. In effect the ceiling fan can make us feel cooler without changing the temperature in the room we are in. it can you feel 8 degrees cooler than it actually is.

Because of the cooling effect on us on a not so hot day you do not have to use air conditioning at all and on a hot day you can set the thermostat on the air conditioner higher than you would normally and use your Hunter ceiling fan to give the extra cooling effect while consuming much less electricity.
You can even sit out on your patio on a warm summer evening and stay cool and comfortable with the range of outdoor ceiling fans available at

Using a fan during winter months my sound strange, but during the cold winter months the ceiling fan can be used to reduce your heating costs. New type of fans available at can be made to rotate in the opposite direction to how it works during the summer. The airflow from the fan makes the warm air trapped near the ceiling to move down while drawing the cold air below up and adding warmth to the area below and as a result of the added warmth you do not need to turn on the heater as high as would otherwise.

Ceiling fans are available in various sizes and designs and if you are looking for fans to use in large commercial premises you can look for commercial ceiling fans available at Invest in Hunter ceiling fans or other commercial ceiling fans and you will reduce your energy costs by up to 30%.

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