Thinking about Getting a Floor Heating System Here’s Why You Should

If you are sick and tired of paying expensive heating bills, then a floor heating system may be just what you need.

What is it?

A floor heating system uses electricity to warm up your floors. The electric heated floors get warm thanks to a series of cables that run underneath the flooring. When you turn on your electric floor heating system, the cables warm up and, in turn, warm up the floors.

How is that better than a regular heating system?
Heated flooring has something on its side that traditional heaters don’t – science. Think back to your grade school science class. Remember how your teacher told you that hot air rises? Well, that fact is taken advantage of by a floor heating system. Instead of pumping hot air down through vents in your ceiling, electric heated floors generate heat underneath you. As that heat naturally rises, it warms you up.

And, since it’s traveling up naturally instead of being forced down, you need less heat to feel warm – meaning the system doesn’t have to run as long, which can really cut down on your heating bills!

As an added benefit, a floor heating system provides direct heat instead of just warm air floating around. When you walk directly on the heated floors, you’ll be much warmer than if you wait for hot air to come out of your heating vents.

While you won’t be able to stop using your traditional heater altogether, a floor heating system can enable you to turn up your thermostat – and save you valuable money in the process!

How warm can a floor heating system get?

That depends on you.

These systems come with thermostats, so you can set them at any temperature you want. It only takes a few minutes for the cables to warm your floors up to the right temperature. And, you can even get separate thermostats for separate rooms. That way, everyone in your house can be at their own comfort level!

What kinds of flooring can an electric floor heating system be used with?

Just about all of them!

A floor heating system can be used under just about any type of flooring instead of carpet. In fact, some heated flooring systems are even designed to go in places you would never think possible – like underneath the tile in your shower!

The next time a frigid cold front comes your way, you won’t have to worry about bundling up in your own home. Instead, you can be warm and toasty – without spending a fortune – thanks to a good floor heating system!

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