The Ins and Outs of Glass Swimming Pool Fencing

Before you dismiss the idea of glass swimming pool fencing — or if you think that just any ol’ type of glass fencing will do — you’ve got to learn exactly what it has to offer:

– It’s sturdy enough to comply with your local safety laws
If you own a home in Sydney that was built after 1990, you are required to have some sort of fencing around your swimming pool. Before you get all concerned that an ugly fence is going to spoil your entire space, remember that glass swimming pool fencing is specially-designed to comply with local safety laws. That way, you don’t have to worry about your pool fence clashing with everything else on your patio!

– Glass swimming pool fencing can screw right into your existing deck

If you’ve already built your deck — and now it’s time to add a pool fence into the mix — don’t panic. Glass swimming pool fencing can screw right into most existing decks. The only exceptions may be brick or ceramic tile decks. After all, if you drill into those to anchor ANY kind of fence, you’re going to wind up with logistical issues.

– You can get fences that don’t have to connect to your deck

If you think you can’t get glass swimming pool fencing because your brick or ceramic deck can’t be drilled into, think again. If you can’t anchor anything into your existing deck — or simply don’t want to — glass balustrade fences are the perfect option. Instead of anchoring to the ground, these fences connect to side mounts on your wall.

That way, you get all of the elegance, safety, and convenience of having a glass fence, without risking permanent damage to your deck.

– You can pick just how “invisible” your glass swimming pool fencing really is

Even though all of it is see-through, some glass pool fences are more noticeable than others. For example, if you’ve got giant posts or huge anchors sticking out of the ground, your fence is going to have a tough time blending in with its surroundings.

Luckily, you can eliminate that with frameless glass pool fencing! Just like the name suggests, frameless glass pool fencing doesn’t come with any big, shiny, metal posts. Instead, it uses tiny (hardly noticeable) anchors that screw into the ground.

But if you’re looking for the most invisible option, opt for a glass balustrade fence. Since these fences connect right to your wall (where no one bothers to look), you’ll be hard-pressed to notice them at all!

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