The epic graffiti vandalism plagues still continuing in the United States

Graffiti are those writings or drawings scribbled, scratched or sprayed onto a wall or other surface more specifically a highly visible public place.  They can be a simple written word or an elaborate drawing, and graffiti existed since ancient times.  Graffiti vandalism is rampant in all cities of the United States.  Latest statistics show that incidents of graffiti vandalism are still rising.  Graffiti clean-up costs in the United States are estimated to be over $8 billion a year.  Both public as well as private properties are affected by graffiti vandalism and properties are vulnerable to etched and spray painted graffiti.  Graffiti infected properties lose its value more than 15 percent according to some published reports.

More and more businesses including Metropolitan West and private property owners are looking for creative solutions to fight graffiti vandalism.  One aspect that has seen vast improvements recently is treatment of glass surfaces on buildings.  If a glass is etched, only solution is to replace that with a new glass costing enormous sums to the business or private property owners and wasting their valuable time and effort.

Companies all throughout the United States including Los Angeles based Metropolitan West are coming up with anti-graffiti security film for glass and decorative film as a way to fight back graffiti vandalism.  Anti-graffiti film on exposed surfaces such as windows, mirrors, and expensive marble surfaces provides a clear barrier to graffiti vandalism.

Removable clear barriers such as anti-graffiti glass films are cost effective and can be quickly peeled away the graffiti infected film without damaging the glass or marble surface.  Another added benefit of quick removal of graffiti will be to turn away would be future graffiti vandals.  Studies show that leaving graffiti on surfaces attract more graffiti especially from those rival gangs fighting for new territories.  Besides protecting from graffiti, films also limit sun’s heat and provide privacy.

Another quality of security film for glass is they can be cleaned the same way a normal glass surface is cleaned with every day use glass cleaning products.  No additional steps or chemicals are needed.  Therefore, glass films are not limited to businesses and can be used in schools, bus shelters, and even on subway trains.

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