The Best Resources for Going Back to School

High school students aren’t the only ones preparing to apply to college. In fact, many adults are going back to school at 50 and older in hopes of boosting their credentials and landing better paying jobs. However, the college application process can be overwhelming no matter what your age.

Whether you’re a returning student over 30, 50 or 70, it is important to tap into as many resources as possible to help ease your journey through the college application process. Not sure what they are? No problem. Here is a list of the top resources you will need to help you plan your way back to school.

Talk to a career counselor. A career counselor can help you determine what you’ve already accomplished and what you still need to do. Do you want to advance in your current occupation or pursue a job in a whole new field? A counselor can help you discover your skills, interests, values and traits. Once you’ve determined these qualities, it will be easier for you to pinpoint what you will be going back to school for. A career counselor can also help you learn more about the program you will need to get there.
In addition to talking to a career counselor, there are other people you can see for advice and support during your journey back to school, including other students, teachers, student advisors and tutors.

Visit the financial aid office. Now that you’ve determined your career goals, you will need to find a way to pay for them. Tuition and books along with school supplies, student fees, and transportation all cost money. You will need to find out how much it will cost to go back to school, which is why you must visit the financial aid office of the school you wish to attend.

Whether you’re interested in scholarships for single mom students or student loans, the financial aid office will provide you with detailed information about college grants and student loans. They will also help you determine if you’re eligible for special grants, such as Pell grants for single mothers. Good luck!

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