You Can Get a Degree in a Month, Thanks to Your Life Experience

Even if you haven’t spent years in a classroom, you know a whole lot more than you think. After all, how much did you learn working for that terrible boss? Or, how much did you learn at that tough job that you had to get up (literally!) at the crack of dawn for? What about those lean years when you worked a couple of jobs? How much wisdom did you gain then?

Wouldn’t it be nice to turn all of that knowledge into an online life experience degree?
You don’t have to spend the next four years writing term papers. You don’t have to rack up thousands of dollars in debt – then spend the next ten years paying it off. Instead, you can get a degree in a month, just by going online.

Wait… a month?! How is that possible?

It’s possible because there are companies that specialize in the fast university degree industry. They realize that there are lots of people just like you, who have spent years working really hard, who deserve a piece of paper for all of their efforts. Instead of making you jump through hoops, they can evaluate your life experiences and give you a fast degree – sometimes, within a couple of days!

So, how do you get an online life experience degree?
You start by picking a major that corresponds to the work you’ve done and the experiences you’ve had. Then, send in any and all information that shows evaluators why you deserve a fast university degree. If they agree, you’ll have your degree in a matter of weeks.
But if you can get a degree in a month, is it even worth the paper it’s printed on?
Your fast university degree will fully-accredited, which means you can be proud to hang it on your wall and list it on your resume. That way, you can use it to advance your career and to brag about to your friends.

For the first time, you’ll be able to know what it feels like to be one of the “smart guys”, instead of the guy who’s always coming in second. Won’t that be nice?!

And, as an added benefit, an online life experience degree only costs a fraction of the price of a traditional college degree. So, you won’t have to drown in debt in order to get one. Instead of worrying about loan applications and re-payments, your degree will be paid for free and clear by the time it arrives!

You’ve already got the experience under your belt. Why NOT get a fast degree?

Apply for your life experience degree at today!

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