What’s a Life Experience Degree?

How many times have you been turned down by a job because you didn’t have a college degree?

But, if you’re like many people, you have a whole lot of life experience that more than makes up for anything you could have ever learned in a classroom.

And that’s where a life experience degree comes in!

You can actually buy a degree that takes all of that irreplaceable life experience and turns it into a quantifiable piece of paper. That way, you’ll have something to put on your resume so that your “Education” section doesn’t have to sit blank.

But are these degrees actually real?


There are companies out there that can sell you an accredited life experience degree. And, when you buy an accredited degree, it’s just as real as the degrees you get inside a traditional college classroom. The only difference is that you got yours out and about in the real world, instead of while writing papers and listening to boring lectures!

So, how does the process work?

When you apply for a work experience degree, you send all of your background information (like prior job responsibilities, any awards you’ve won, etc.) in, and a team of accredited evaluators looks at it. Within a few days, they’ll tell you if you have the life experience needed for a degree. You’ll get a work experience degree in a specific major that relates to the life you’ve led!

From there, you’ll have a diploma that you can proudly hang on the wall, and a new accomplishment that you can tell all of your friends (and potential employers) about!
But does it cheapen the experience to go out and buy an accredited degree?
No way!
After all, anyone who goes to college the ol’ fashioned way is really going out to buy a degree, too – through tuition! The process may be a little bit different, but you wouldn’t get your life experience degree if you didn’t have the background to earn it. So, there’s nothing to lessen the quality of the experience. There’s nothing fake about it!

In reality, what a life experience degree says is that you’ve done a number of things during your life, and instead of describing them one-by-one in detail, you’re packaging them all up into a neat little degree that sums everything up perfectly.

When you think about it, getting a work experience degree makes perfect sense!

Find out how your life experience translates into a degree at www.speedydegrees.com!

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