What is an Online Life Experience Degree?

Think a fast college degree is beyond your reach? Think again!

In order to get a college degree, you have to fill out an application, spend four years in school, and get a traditional diploma, right?
Not exactly. In some circumstances, you might be able to get a fast college degree in a non-traditional way. It’s called an online life experience degree!
What exactly does that mean?
Think of all of the things you’ve learned in the military, in that tough job you get up early in the morning to go to, or just through good ol’ fashioned life experience (you know, the stuff you can’t learn in a classroom). Wouldn’t it be nice to get some formal recognition for it – instead of only being recognized for the facts you can recite out of a textbook?
That’s what an online life experience degree is designed to do!
In fact, you can think of it as a work experience degree, because it takes things you’ve learned outside the classroom and turns it into formal academic achievement. It’s a fast college degree because there are no tests or courses to take. After all, you’ve already learned it all!
But if you don’t actually go to school, does that mean you’re getting a fake degree?
When you get a work experience degree, you’re not trying to inflate your achievements in any way. A fake degree would entail saying that you went to XYZ College and majored in something – when all you really did was take a couple of classes online or read a couple of books.
Instead, you’re simply saying that you’ve done certain things in your life and you’ve bundled them up into a neat little degree that explains them all.
Plus, when you get an online life experience degree from a reputable source, you can rest easy knowing that it’s accredited. That means your degree meets certain standards – meaning that there’s nothing fake or less-than-legitimate about it!
So, how does the process work?
Simply pick a major that best corresponds to the life experience that you’ve had. Then, fill out an application that includes all of the related work done in that field. If you qualify, you’ll have your fast college degree in as little as a few days. It’s that easy!
And, you get to pick the type of work experience degree you want. You can get anything from a high school diploma, to a Bachelor’s degree, to a Doctorate degree.
From there, you’ll be able to hand a transcript to a potential employer, hang a diploma on your wall, add something new to your resume, or simply brag about your degree. You may be able to make a huge jump up the corporate ladder that you may never have been able to make otherwise!

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