The Benefits of Solar Control Window Film for Your Business

Learn why so many businesses have applied to the inside of their windows solar control window film.
Bio: This post was submitted by Metropolitan West. Metropolitan West is a full-service company offering custom window film products, expert installation, and credit solutions for business and residential consumers.
In an effort to save money on energy bills, many business owners are investing in solar control window film, a special type of window film that gets applied to the inside of windows. However, this thin layer of material does more than reduce energy bills. The following is a list of reasons why so many businesses have already said yes to solar control window film.
Improves atmosphere for their employees: Without solar control window firm, the sun’s rays are free to beat down on an office setting. This accumulated heat can create an uncomfortable environment for staff and management, even in the presence of air conditioning. However, proper solar control window film has the ability to block the hot summer sun. It also has the power to reduce glare, UV radiation, and the risk of skin cancer.
Protects furniture. Ultraviolet rays are known to damage furniture. They can cause fading of all types of furniture as well as carpets, wood floors, photographs, and window treatments. This type of damage can cost your company time and money. However, solar control window film can solve this problem. In the same way that security film for glass protects windows from scratches, the right window film can protect your business and furniture from UV rays.
Reduces energy costs. Since the majority of a building’s energy is used for cooling and heating, business owners can avoid wasting this energy by adding some eco-friendly tools, such as solar control window film. As mentioned above, solar control window film significantly reduces energy costs for both heating and cooling bills.
How? During warm seasons, light beams down on window glass and turns into heat on the inside. However, solar control window film reflects energy and reduces its transmission into a room. This process significantly cuts downs on heat, saving your company money on air conditioning. According to Metropolitan West, reducing a room’s temperature by only a few degrees can save your business up to 25 percent in cooling costs.
Are you searching for an energy-efficient window dressing that is not only healthy for the environment, but also for your pocket book, employees, and furniture? We recommend solar control window film.
Window treatments are not only for adornment – they are a smart way to increase the energy efficiency of your business. Unlike decorative film, solar control window film is a great way to improve your business both in terms of cost and the environment. If you want to update your business into a green, energy-efficient company, please contact Metropolitan West.

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