The Advantages of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

A swimming pool fence is a smart way to add safety, durability, and style to your pool area, especially when it’s made of glass.

A backyard swimming pool is a beautiful addition to any home, offering recreational value and raising the property value. However, swimming pools can also be the cause of drowning and near death tragedies, which is why it is vital (and required in some states) for homeowners to install a successful barrier around pools, spas, and hot tubs.

However, aside from its safety value, a pool fence can also become a design element, tactically selected to enhance a home’s outdoor living area without taking away from the natural surroundings. In fact, architects and designers agree that a fence around the pool can make or break the serenity of the outdoor area, which is why so many recommend glass swimming pool fencing. Here are a few more reasons to opt for glass pool fencing.

Safety: Glass pool fences are extremely safe. If a pool fence is not tall enough or capable of restricting access of young children, it’s not safe. However, a professional pool fencing company will design a glass fence to meet strict standards, including the requirements for the design, construction, and performance of fences.

Australian Standards for pool fencing in Sydney also restrict the options for the locations of safety barriers.

Durability: Glass fencing is constructed out of 12mm toughened glass to provide the ultimate in durability. The glass is then supported by stainless steel or structural-grad aluminum spigots. Since there is no need for mounting holes in the glass panel, the structural strength of the swimming pool fence is increased. And with a company-backed warranty, glass pool fences are designed to last for many years.

Beauty: When it comes to a well-designed fence, nothing compares to glass fencing. Glass fencing makes it possible for homeowners to create a barrier that best suits their needs while maximizing the beauty of their backyard. Glass pool fencing is elegant and soft, ideal barriers for infinity pools, and pools surrounded by beautiful landscapes, or with breathtaking views. Most importantly, glass frameless fencing can enhance your landscape without compromising safety and durability.

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