Technology can make Healthcare Bill Payment Efficient

Already, many health care providers are using electronic systems to maintain patient records. The medical test records such as x-rays and scans are stored on computers. If a patient has to visit several doctors, these doctors can have access to patient’s healthcare records. This method has eliminated use of paper considerably. However, there’s one area in the healthcare industry that still uses a lot of paper. That is healthcare revenue cycle management. According to the new Affordable Health Care Act, by 2014 the industry is expected to go paperless. That’s why electronic medical billing is important.

If a patient has the capability to logon to a website and pay his or her medical bill using a credit card, it can cut down paper billing. The modern technology has made it easier for credit card processing for healthcare. The patients can benefit by this method through the Secure Patient Online Bill Pay system. This system can also help implement therecurring billing for healthcare. A secure system can protect patients’ credit card and personal information. Patients and the doctors are not the only ones benefited by this system. Healthcare providers can receive payments efficiently and the paperless billing will cut down the use of paper.

There are many ways to establish a Secure Patient Online Bill Pay system. The Safe Pay Services is a company which is specialized in paperless billing. If a provider would like to implement an electronic medical bill payment system, the Safe Pay Services 30 day free trial is a good start. That’s why a visit to is fully worth.

One way that the healthcare insurance companies can work cost effectively is by cutting down administrative costs. Most of the administrative work is involved in the area of healthcare revenue cycle management. There are many steps from the processing to making a bill payment and each step can cost money for the insurer. The automation can cut down these steps and make the bill payment more efficient. It can eventually pave the way to low cost healthcare.

Most of the consumers like to use credit or debit cards when making payments online. Many companies have developed systems for credit card processing for healthcare but the system developed by the Safe Pay Services is the most efficient. A patient will know within few seconds whether the payment went through.

The technology also helps patients to pay their large healthcare bills in installments. The recurring billing for healthcare has benefited both the patient and the provider. The payment rate has gone up more than 80% because of this flexible payment method.

If a healthcare industry can cut administrative costs, then it can invest in providing more care for patients. To learn how the modern technology can help keep the administrative costs down visit

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