Sunroom Furniture — 3 Tips to Make Yours a Tropical Oasis

Even if you live in a place where the temperature resembles the North Pole, instead of the Caribbean, it’s easy to turn your sunroom into a tropical oasis. After all, your sunroom got its name for a reason — it’s chock full of natural light. By combining all of that sunlight with the right sunroom furniture, you can wind up with a room that makes you feel like you’re on vacation every time you sit in it!

For the best tropical look, follow these 3 tips:

1. Get as much wicker furniture as possible

Think about those island resorts in the Caribbean; they’re chock full of wicker furniture! That’s because wicker is light and airy and gives off a relaxing vibe. If you want your sunroom furniture to have that same relaxing, mellow vibe, you need to get wicker furniture — no matter what the temperature is outside!

As an added benefit, wicker furniture can come in light and airy colors — like white and sandy beige. That way, it will be the perfect complement to bright throw pillows, vibrant artwork on the walls, or any other decorative pieces you’re using to bring a little piece of the beach to your home!

2. Throw in some rattan furniture

As great as wicker furniture is, it’s not quite as sturdy as rattan. If you’re looking for sunroom furniture that’s going to look light and airy — but is still strong enough to hold all of your heavy books, for example — opt for rattan. Luckily, wicker and rattan are made out of the same materials; they’re just manufactured a little bit differently. When you combine wicker and rattan furniture, you’ll have an easy time getting everything to match.

3. Pick out bright replacement cushions

The great thing about wicker and rattan furniture is that you don’t have to go out and buy all new stuff — or even pay to have it re-upholstered — whenever you want to change your décor. Instead, if you want to add a new splash of color, just buy some replacement cushions and place them right on your sofa or chair. It really is that easy to redecorate!

But that’s not the only time you should take advantage of replacement cushions.

In fact, replacement cushions can also come in handy when you’re first buying your wicker and rattan furniture. If, for example, you love a certain wicker chair or a rattan recliner — but aren’t so crazy about the cushions that come with it — that’s no problem. A good rattan and wicker furniture retailer will have tons of replacement cushions to choose from, so that you get the exact look you want, right from the beginning.

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