Sunroom Furniture — 3 Ideas for the Perfect Décor

When it comes time to pick out sunroom furniture, you can dare to be a little different from the rest of your house. After all, your sunroom is supposed to be a bright oasis where you can read your favorite book or sip your morning coffee! If you approach it with the same strategy as the rest of your house, you may not get as much out of it.

So, how do you come up with the perfect sunroom décor?
Just take advantage of these 3 ideas!

1. Wicker and rattan furniture

The perfect sunroom is tropical and airy, with lots of sunlight streaming in — which means the perfect sunroom furniture has to have the same vibe! Luckily, when you take advantage of wicker and rattan furniture, that’s exactly what you get.

These two types of furniture are like “cousins”. They come from the same place — vines that are found on the ground in the rainforest. From there, the wicker vines are cut thinly and woven together, while the rattan vines are kept intact — which explains why they look a little different from each other.

Even though they’re not identical, wicker and rattan furniture look great together. You can feel free to combine them anyway you want in your sunroom. That way, you’ll get the ultimate in tropical décor!

2. Outdoor wicker furniture

It might seem silly to put outdoor furniture inside, but there are actually a few great reasons behind it!
First, outdoor wicker is combined with resin during the manufacturing process. As a result, it can sit out in the blazing sun, pouring rain, or frigid snow and not get damaged. So, if you’re worried that your sunroom furniture might eventually fade, you might really benefit from putting an outdoor wicker sectional in there!

Second, outdoor wicker comes in all sorts of colors.

Again, that’s due to the resin. All the manufacturer has to do is add specially-colored resin, and the wicker can turn any color you want. So, if you’re looking for sunroom furniture in a specific color scheme, you’re better off with the outdoor stuff.

Third, outdoor wicker is just as comfortable as the indoor stuff. That outdoor wicker sectional will be just as cozy to curl up on with a good book as one that’s made for the indoors!

3. Seagrass furniture

If you’re looking for something totally different — but still completely tropical — consider seagrass furniture for your sunroom. Like wicker, it offers a woven look, but it’s got a different texture and color to it.

Like the name suggests, seagrass furniture grows in the ocean, so it’s definitely going to give your sunroom that tropical vibe you’re looking for!

The team at Wicker Paradise has everything you need to create the perfect sunroom!

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