Stenciling Basics – 3 Things That Need to be on Your Shopping List

Even if you’re not a stenciling whiz, there are a few basics that you will need for just about any stenciling project. If you want to go into your projects fully prepared, you will need to have these 3 things on your shopping list:

1. A good number stencil
Whether you are spray-painting your address on the curb, painting your phone number onto the side of your office building, marking various products, or numbering your shipping crates, a good number stencil is an absolute must-have.

Luckily, you can customize a number stencil so that it meets all of your specific needs. You can start by picking out a size and a font that’s perfect for your next art project.

Then, you can even customize the material that your stencil is made out of. If you only need to use your number stencil for basic indoor projects, a plastic stencil may be all you need. But if you need to use your number stencils for more industrial-type projects – or if you need to keep it stored in your garage – you’ll probably want a metal stencil that can hold its own against the elements.

2. Playground stencils

They may seem like a good “extra” to have on hand, but playground stencils are actually incredibly important. Sure, playground stencils can help you have the coolest Hopscotch game, alphabet grid, or Four Square game on the block, but they also do much more than that. Playground stencils can also make it clear where kids can and cannot play – or let parents know where it’s safe to drop off their kids.

3. Stencil ink

Let’s face it – your stenciling projects are nothing without the right stencil ink. In order to have the most successful stenciling projects possible, you will need stencil ink that can hold its own against foot traffic and Mother Nature.

Luckily, a good stencil retailer will have stencil ink that can be used on everything from metal, to concrete, to fabric. And, remember, you will know that you’re getting a quality stencil ink if it can dry quickly. After all, if your stencil ink takes any longer than 10 or 15 minutes to dry, you’ll likely wind up with smudges and streaks!

As an added benefit, if you do business with the right stencil company, you will also have your choice of stencil ink that either rolls on or sprays on. That way, your stenciling project will be as easy as possible!

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