Should your business accept credit cards online?

When you create a Web site for your business or service, you rave about what you offer. When someone visits your site, you should offer them efficient and quick means to order what you offer immediately and conveniently. Accepting credit card services offer convenience as well as immediate means of paying for goods and services you offer.

When you have a Web site and a store with a shopping cart, it is simple to accept credit cards online and setup an online credit card processing is easy with the assistance from a credit card processing service especially for those unsophisticated small businesses. The service such as Payment Solutions, Inc. will take away the responsibility for fraud and security, and paperwork related to online credit card payment processing leaving time and energy for the small business owner to concentrate on products and services.

When you accept credit cards pay attention to data security and privacy policy issues which are critical to customers. Payment Solutions, Inc.provides both security and privacy your customers are demanding.
Look for payment structure that matches your need and style. Some services such as American Express may charge a higher fee than Visa, Master Card and others. Another factor to consider is how soon funds go into your bank account. When a customer’s credit card is charged, the payment processor usually deposits the money in your merchant account with the bank. Then the money is automatically transferred from the merchant account to your bank account. A typical transaction of this nature could take from 48 to 72 hours. Some qualities of the service you hire should have consistent and reliable service. The rapidly changing business environment and technology calls for ability to accept all forms of payments anywhere, anytime using many devices including smartphones and tablets. With a good credit card processing service and internet merchant accounts you can accept credit cards anywhere. Many banks in the U.S. as well as many third parties provide internet merchant accounts. Pay attention to setup fees as well as maintenance fees. Payments for your goods and services could come from credit cards, debit cards, electronics as well as traditional checks.

In addition to merchant account fees mentioned above, consider fees that other services will charge you. Fees involved include gateway fees, statement fees, percentage fee per transaction as well as others. Some fees especially for credit card services are flexible and negotiable.

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