Seagrass Furniture – How is it Different from Traditional Wicker Furniture

They both give off a “beachy”, tropical feel, they’re both lightweight, and you can usually buy them in the same stores – so what’s the difference between seagrass furniture and wicker furniture?

– Seagrass furniture is waterproof

Typically, the only time that you can get waterproof wicker furniture is when you’re buying outdoor wicker. That outdoor wicker sectional, chair, or dining set has a little bit of resin added to it, so that it can fight off all of the rain, snow, and bright sunshine that your patio deals with.

Seagrass, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be treated with anything to be waterproof. However, since it’s naturally waterproof, it’s also difficult to dye. Its fibers are tough to permeate – which is great if you spill something on them – but it can be a real pain if you’re looking to get a piece of furniture in a custom color.

– Seagrass grows underwater

You probably guessed it from the name, but seagrass grows entirely underwater – whereas wicker and rattan are vines that primarily grow in the rainforests. As a result, seagrass is a natural choice for outdoor furniture.

– Seagrass furniture is always environmentally-friendly

Because it’s not treated with anything, seagrass is completely eco-friendly, so it’s the perfect choice for people who want to go green. In most cases, traditional wicker furniture is also eco-friendly. The only exception is outdoor wicker. Since it has some resin in it, that outdoor wicker sectional isn’t quite as environmentally-friendly as a seagrass one would be!

– Seagrass furniture has to be framed with something else

That wicker sofa sitting in your living room is probably made up of 100% wicker. That’s because wicker is strong enough to be used without any kind of support. However, the same cannot be said for seagrass. In most cases, seagrass furniture needs some kind of wood base to be woven around. If you’re dealing with a quality retailer, you’ll find that the seagrass is woven onto a mahogany wood frame.

Despite their differences, seagrass furniture and wicker furniture actually have a lot in common. Both are woven before they’re used to make furniture. Plus, neither one gives off a “dated” vibe – so you can count on that wicker sofa or seagrass chair to always be in style. Additionally, seagrass and wicker furniture both use cushions, instead of traditional upholstery. As a result, both are easy to upgrade; all you have to do is plop down some new cushions!

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