Resin Wicker – 4 Things You Need to Know About It

If you love the look of traditional rattan and wicker furniture, you’ll love the versatility of resin wicker. Typically called “outdoor wicker”, this furniture is a mixture of wicker and resin – and can handle anything you throw at it.
Here’s what you need to know about it:

1. It’s specially-designed to hold its own against Mother Nature

Resin wicker’s unique combination makes it look like the traditional stuff, but adds an extra layer of protection. The resin allows your outdoor wicker to sit outside in the rain, hail, sleet, and snow, without mildewing or weakening. No matter what Mother Nature has in store, your resin wicker will be able to handle it!

If you take a look at traditional wicker furniture, you’ll see that it’s a little more porous – not slick, like resin wicker is. If you were to leave traditional wicker out in the elements, it probably wouldn’t last very long.

2. It won’t fade

Again, thanks to the unique combination of resin and wicker, you don’t have to worry about your outdoor wicker fading in the sunlight. You can feel free to leave your outdoor wicker on your deck or front porch all year round, and the colors will be just as vibrant as when you bought it. In fact, you can consider the resin to be like a suntan lotion for your wicker!

That’s why resin wicker is such a popular choice for sunroom furniture. After all, it can get awfully bright in your sunroom (hence the name!), so it’s important to have furniture inside that’s not going to fade.

As an added benefit, by using resin wicker for your sunroom furniture, you get to make your room look completely tropical!

3. It can come in practically any color you want

Traditional rattan and wicker furniture usually has limited color choices. Typically, all you can get are earth tones. However, that’s not the case with resin wicker! You can get it in practically any color, from fire-engine red, to stark white, to chocolate brown.
And, because the color comes from the resin itself – rather than paint – you’ll never have to worry about the color chipping or flaking off!

4. It will last as long as you need it to

Traditional rattan and wicker furniture can last for years and years, and so can resin wicker. In fact, you’ll probably go through several sets of replacement cushions before you even need to think about replacing it!

Luckily, a good wicker manufacturer will have plenty of replacement cushions to choose from, so whether yours get caught in the rain or you simply want an updated look, it’s easy to make your outdoor wicker look new!

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