How to overcome disadvantages of glass swimming pool fences and other glass fences

As with any fencing type, glass fencing is also subject to cost, maintenance, prone to scratching and could become an invisibility hazard. With simple steps it is easy to overcome these disadvantages.
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In addition to its beauty we all know very well that strength, durability, clarity and corrosion resistance are some of the best qualities of glass swimming pool fences and other glass fences. However, there are some disadvantages associated with glass fencing too. Compared to other traditional fencing materials, disadvantages associated with glass pool fences and other glass fences are somewhat negligible and may even be easier to overcome with little attention. Here are few common disadvantages mentioned by many and ways to overcome them.
Some argue that glass fencing including frameless glass balustrades require more maintenance compared to conventional fencing. Like any other glass surface, glass swimming pool fences and other glass fences need cleaning. But it is simple. Rather than using expensive glass surface cleaning products, you can simply use distilled white vinegar to clean any glass surface. Expensive abrasives could harm the surface and therefore, avoid using them in order to maintain scratch free glass fence.
Initial cost to install a frameless glass balustrades or any other glass fence could cost more than other traditional fences. Glass panels and initial installation cost could run into thousands of dollars. However, glass fences are more durable compared to traditional fencing and therefore, your savings over time could justify the initial installation cost. Look into various affordable glass fences provided by Dimension 1 Glass and compare their prices with other glass fence providers.
Invisibility hazard
One disadvantage is that the clear glass could become a hazard. Kids and pets could run into clear glass fences without realizing its presence. This could be easily overcome by attaching a bright object such as a piece of colored paper or decoration onto the glass surface to highlight its presence. Finding an easy solution to overcome the invisibility hazard could help to maintain your unobstructed view provided by glass pool fences Sydney and others.
Prone to scratching
Harsh and abrasive cleaning solutions can scratch the glass surface. Avoid using harmful and costly cleaners. This is why simple distilled white vinegar is best to clean glass surfaces such as glass pool fences Sydney provided by Dimension 1 Glass.

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