Radiant Floor Heating Explained in 4 Simple Steps

If you’re determined not to shiver your way through another long winter, radiant floor heating may be the perfect solution.
But what is it? And, more importantly, how can it help you?
Here’s how it works:

1. You’ll have a network of cables installed underneath your floors
While that may sound invasive, it’s really not a big deal. Once they’re installed, no one will ever be able to tell they’re there — until the floors start to get warm, that is!
And, everything is completely safe. In fact, these cables are so safe, they can often be installed underneath tile showers, so that you never have to spend a single second being cold!

2. When the cables heat up, they’ll heat up the floors above them
There’s a reason these systems are commonly referred to simply as “warm tiles” – because that’s exactly what they give you! Once the cables warm up, the heat naturally starts to rise (remember that lesson from 4th grade science class?). So, within a few minutes, you’ll have an entire room full of warm tiles.
Luckily, though, radiant floor heating systems can be used under a variety of different flooring materials – from tile, to laminate, to granite, to marble.

3. The rest of the room will start to warm up
The heat that comes out of your cables and into your floors will keep on rising – all the way around your room.
And because a good electric floor heating system will come with a separate thermostat for each room, everyone will be able to pick their own perfect temperature. If Mom is a little warmer with the oven on in the kitchen, she can set her electric floor heating thermostat lower. But if Dad is chilly in his office, he can crank his underfloor heating thermostat way up.

4. You’ll get to save money on your heating bills
Even though you’ll still have to turn on your traditional heater, it won’t have to crank as much when you’ve got a radiant floor heating system. As a result, you’ll be a much happier camper when your energy bill arrives at the end of the month!
And because underfloor heating offers direct heat – instead of just blowing hot air around the room, like your traditional heater does – it doesn’t need to run as long to warm you up. So, your system will only need to run for a few minutes to reach your desired temperature. That alone will save you a ton of money!

The team at EZ Floor Heat makes it easy to take advantage of all of radiant floor heating’s benefits. Find out more at www.ezfloorheat.com.

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