Radiant Floor Heat – 4 Reasons to Install It in Your Home

If you’re sick of shivering inside your own home, or sick of having to pay a fortune to heat your home to a comfortable temperature, radiant floor heat can help.

What is it?

Radiant floor heat is an under floor heating system that can be installed underneath your tile, marble, ceramic, concrete, laminate, and engineered wood floors – typically through a network of electric cables. When the system is turned on, the floors gradually heat up.

Why should you have radiant floor heat in your home?

1. It’s cheaper than traditional heating
Since it comes in contact with your feet, under floor heating offers direct heat. Since it’s physically touching you, a heated floor doesn’t need to be quite as hot to warm you up – meaning you don’t have to set your thermostat as high. Those traditional heaters simply blow hot air around, which is indirect heat. As a result, you’ll have to set the thermostat higher and run the system longer – meaning you’re using more energy and racking up a higher bill!

2. It can heat more than just your floors

It may be called “radiant floor heat”, but it can actually help heat up your entire room!

How can that be?

Simple science!

Remember back to your school days, when your science teacher told you that hot air rises? With tile heating, the process works the same way; the heat rises from underneath the floor. As a result, the heat naturally makes its way higher and higher into the room.

Compare that with traditional heaters that have vents in the ceiling. By forcing the hot air to go down to you, traditional heaters are defying science. As a result, you need to run your traditional heater a lot longer.

When you use an under floor heating system, you won’t be able to shut your traditional heater off altogether, but it won’t need to run nearly as much!

3. The temperature can change from room to room
If you’re busy running around in the kitchen, you may not want a heated floor that’s as warm as the quiet bedroom where your son is studying. Luckily, tile heating systems come with several thermostats, so that everyone can have a temperature that they’re comfortable with!

4. You can even use it in your shower

Radiant floor heat manufacturers have special ways of guarding the cables from the water in your shower – meaning that it’s perfectly safe to use under floor heating in your tile shower. That way, you can make the water a little bit cooler and save yourself even more on your energy bills!

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