Pros and Cons of online training

Whether you call it online training, e-training, computer software training videos, distance training or learning, or any other name, this is an area expanding rapidly and it is here to stay.

Flexibility: You are free to set your own pace of training at your convenience whether it is day or night, or you are taking Microsoft Office training online. This is important for those who working and still trying to acquire additional training in the same or different field. Now with broadband access available everywhere, you can even watch video training at home on your time. Remember no travel time to waste and no gas to buy.

High quality training at a lower cost: Since online training professionals such as they can provide courses at a comparatively lower cost. The online service don’t have to maintain a physical classroom, restrooms, or other facilities, they can pass savings to the customer. The rapid expansion of the broadband allows the student to watch computer software training videos and gives a similar learning experience as a classroom.
Learning is quick: It is up to you to set the pace of learning unlike a teacher who controls the classroom learning schedule. Whether you are taking Microsoft Office training online or learning some other program, you determine how soon you want to complete the course.

What better way to learn IT than a computer? Online training especially if you are preparing for Microsoft certification online training gives you the hands on learning experience more than any other learning method.


Absence of hands on help of an instructor: this is personal preference. Some people are comfortable in learning in a classroom setting.

Perception of prospective employer: Many Human Resources staff still views online training somewhat inferior to classroom training. So, it is a perception issue not an actual concern.

Response time and effectiveness of learning: Unlike a classroom setting where you can ask questions from a teacher face to face, online training you need to either research it or send your question in e-mail and wait for a response. Therefore, this could frustrate the student. A quick response to this type of drawback of online training is you need to select an online training service such as that responds quickly.

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