Pool Fencing in Sydney – What You Need to Know

Spend any time in Australia’s biggest city, and you’ll see that pool fencing in Sydney is an awfully big deal. If you own a home in Sydney – or are thinking about buying a home – there are 3 things you need to know about pool fencing:

1. Pool fencing in Sydney is required by law

It can’t be any more clear-cut than that! If you have a pool that was built after 1990, then you are required to have some sort of fencing that goes around it. Luckily, though, the type of pool fencing you choose is up to you. That way, you can find something that matches your d├ęcor, without completely spoiling your view.

2. Glass swimming pool fencing is a popular choice
Because Sydney homeowners are required to do something to protect their pools, many of them turn to glass swimming pool fencing. These special glass fences are strong enough to comply with the local laws, and they won’t block your view or spoil the look of your entire outdoor area.

When it comes to glass swimming pool fencing in Sydney, one of the most popular choices is frameless fencing. Frameless fences are true to their name. Instead of having a bunch of big, metal posts to secure the glass in place, frameless fencing uses tiny little brackets that are only a few inches off the ground. That way, the glass is securely anchored to the ground, and you don’t have to look around an ugly post.

3. You can use glass as a design piece, too

Another way that Sydney residents are incorporating glass into their pool areas doesn’t have anything to do with safety. Rather, it’s being used as a design element! If you like the look of glass on your patio, you can take advantage of glass pool windows.

What are they?

Glass pool windows are built right in to the sides of your pool. Instead of having a pool foundation that’s made solely out of concrete, you can turn one of the sides into a glass “window”. That way, you don’t have to miss out on the view while you’re swimming!

By themselves, glass pool windows won’t do anything to help you comply with Sydney’s pool fencing laws, but they look absolutely stunning. If you want a unique, modern look, glass pool windows can give it to you. You can count on them to be a real conversation piece the next time you have everyone over for a party!

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