Pool Fencing in Sydney – 3 Options That Will Make Your Home Look Great

If your pool was built after 1990, then you are required to have pool fencing in Sydney. Since you’ve got to have some kind of enclosure around your pool, you might as well look for fencing that keeps you compliant with the law and looks great to boot!

So, how do you find it?

Take a look at these 3 options:

1. Semi frameless glass fencing

If it weren’t for the posts, you’d never even notice these pool fences! Semi frameless glass fencing is a great option for your patio because it gives you the protection that you need – without blocking the view of your pool. All you need to do to keep it looking great is clean it every so often with glass cleaner. How easy is that?!

As an added benefit, good semi frameless glass fencing is specially-built to withstand high winds. Plus, quality manufacturers will be happy to give you a warranty on it, so that you can buy with confidence.

2. A frameless glass pool fence

If you don’t even want posts getting in the way of your view of your pool, a frameless glass pool fence will be the perfect addition to your home! Instead of using tall posts to anchor the glass fencing into the ground, these fences use small brackets that are only a few inches high. That way, you get the same durability that you get with semi frameless glass fencing – only you don’t need posts that are a few feet high to get it!

And, just like the semi frameless glass fencing, a frameless glass pool fence doesn’t require a whole lot in the way of maintenance. Just use glass cleaner and a towel on it every time spots and streaks show up, and you’ll be good to go! You’ll also get a good warranty, if you buy it from a quality manufacturer.

3. Frameless glass balustrades

Perfect for going around your pool or around your entire balcony, frameless glass balustrades are some of the most sophisticated pool fencing in Sydney! Just like the other two options, they don’t have any frames to block your view. And, instead of having any kind of posts, frameless glass balustrades connect to the side of you walls or to the ground with special fittings that are much smaller than posts or brackets. That way, they’re nearly invisible!
And, like the other two options, frameless glass balustrades are built to withstand high winds, so you won’t have to worry about them buckling during a storm. Plus, a good manufacturer will give you a warranty to go along with them.

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