Pool Fences in Sydney – What Will the Good Ones Give You

Look around, and you’ll see pool fences all over Sydney. But just what can these pool fences do for you and your home?

As long as you buy them from a reputable retailer, the right pool fences in Sydney can:

1. Put you in compliance with local laws

Having a great pool doesn’t do you any good if you’re breaking the law with it! If your pool was built after 1990, you are required to have pool fences in Sydney. As long as you get a pool fence that meets Australian Standard 1926-1986 “Fences and Gates for Swimming Pools”, yours can look any way you want. You can even get glass swimming pool fencing if you want. That way, you can follow the law without making your house look bad!

2. Make you feel at-ease with young kids in the house

The local swimming pool fence law wasn’t created to make things difficult for homeowners; pool fences in Sydney are simply a matter of public safety. After all, the last thing anyone wants is for little children to fall in the pool and hurt themselves – or worse. When you get some type of glass swimming pool fencing, you can rest easy knowing that they young children in your house will be safe. That way, you can feel free to let the kids run around during your summer barbecue or during a birthday party – without worrying that disaster is going to strike.

3. Give you an unblemished view

So many people choose glass pool fencing in Sydney because it complies with the law – without making your backyard look ugly. After all, the last thing you want is to spend a fortune on a swimming pool and a deck – only to have it covered up by an ugly fence!

Luckily, because they’re frameless and use small posts to anchor them, the new glass pool walls that are popping up all over Sydney are constructed in such a way that you can hardly notice them!

4. Provide you with something that’s safe and sturdy

If you install glass swimming pool fencing at your Sydney home, you don’t have to be afraid that it’s going to break at the slightest touch. That’s because modern glass pool walls in Sydney are made out of thick glass that’s specially-designed to hold its own against heavy winds. That way, whether you have a group of rowdy kids over or a big storm, your glass pool fencing in Sydney will be tough enough to emerge unscathed!

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