Outdoor Wicker – Is It Really Going to Last?

You probably wouldn’t want to put a traditional rattan sofa out on your patio, but what about an outdoor wicker sofa? Is outdoor wicker really built to last through frigid winters, hot, humid summers, and everything in between?


Unlike that traditional rattan sofa, your outdoor wicker sofa will be made with a mixture of wicker and resin. By adding resin into the mix, your outdoor wicker gets a “shield” from the blazing sun, the pouring rain, and the frigid snow.

But if it’s not really wicker, what is it going to look like?

Outdoor resin wicker furniture may not be made completely out of pure wicker, but it still has plenty of it in there. Outdoor wicker may feel a little slicker than the traditional stuff, but it looks exactly the same.
And, as an added benefit, outdoor resin wicker furniture can come in practically any color you can imagine. With traditional wicker, you’re color choices are somewhat limited. You might be able to find wicker that’s a little darker or lighter, but that’s about it.

But with outdoor resin wicker furniture, the resin enables you to mix and match colors. All the manufacturer has to do is add some dye to the resin, and you can have everything from chocolate brown outdoor wicker, to turquoise outdoor wicker, to fire-engine red outdoor wicker! In fact, lots of people take advantage of the color choices so that they can have wicker furniture that complements the roses in their garden or the tulips next to their swimming pool.

So, how long is it really going to last?

That’s the question everyone seems to have about outdoor resin wicker furniture!

Luckily, outdoor wicker manufacturers have come up with an idea that really works. You will be able to count on your outdoor resin wicker furniture for years and years. The resin mixed into it is strong enough to keep your patio furniture from fading, cracking, mildewing, or warping. Years from now, your outdoor furniture will look just as good as the day you bought it – no matter what Mother Nature throws at it!

The only thing you might need to worry about is the furniture cushions. After all, it’s virtually impossible to design a cushion that’s comfortable and sturdy enough to weather the elements. Luckily, though, a good wicker retailer will have plenty of replacement cushions for you to choose from. That way, you can give your outdoor wicker a fresh look whenever you want!

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