Outdoor Wicker Furniture – 3 Things You Need to Know about It

Even if you don’t want a house full of wicker furniture, outdoor wicker is the perfect way to dress up your patio. But before you buy it, there are 3 things you need to know.

1.You need resin wicker

This is the absolute, most important fact to take away. If you try to put traditional wicker furniture outside, it won’t be long before it starts fading, coming apart, and even mildewing thanks to the sun, wind, rain, and snow that’s hitting it.

However, resin wicker is totally different. Because it is made out of a combination of traditional wicker and resin, it doesn’t fall victim to the elements. The resin makes it strong enough to sit in the heat, the cold, and the rain without being destroyed. In fact, anytime you’re talking about outdoor wicker, you’re actually talking about resin wicker.

2.You need to fit replacement cushions into your budget
As great as outdoor wicker is, it is not comfortable enough to sit on directly – like plastic patio furniture is. If you want to have a comfy place to sit outdoors, you will need cushions for your wicker.

However, those cushions aren’t designed to hold their own against the elements like resin wicker is. Sure, you can bring them inside anytime you’re not using them or anytime the sky looks threatening. However, you can’t count on those cushions to last as long as your outdoor wicker furniture will.

And, of course, you don’t want dingy pillows dragging down the look of your furniture! That’s why you’ll need replacement cushions every now and again – to keep everything looking brand new.

3.You can get outdoor wicker in practically any color
Because it is mixed with resin, outdoor wicker comes with far more color choices than indoor wicker does.

Typically, the indoor furniture is limited to the traditional sandy color – but that’s definitely not the case outside! In fact, the resin used to make outdoor wicker can come in virtually any color.

While the specific color you choose needs to match the rest of your décor – like the flowers on your patio or the color of the paint on your house – white is always a good choice. In fact, white wicker furniture is great for creating a relaxed, tropical vibe.It’s also basic enough that you can combine it with virtually any color replacement cushions.

And, as an added benefit, you don’t have to worry about white wicker furniture fading in even the harshest of sunlight!

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